Eating Right at Restaurants

I like to believe that many people struggle with this and it’s not just me! I go out for lunch or dinner, absentmindedly eat the bread and butter or the chips and salsa and open my menu and think “hmmm what do I want to order?”
Then I get shot with guilt and limit myself to the “Lighter Fare” portions of the menu that more and more places seem to have.  Most people are aware some salads can be just as bad for you as a burger so sometimes it’s hard to narrow down a meal that works with your lifestyle and diet choices. This is what I do and I’m not a licensed nutritionist but I like to think I know enough about what I’m putting into my body.

So what to order: I almost always stick with fish and grilled chicken. I LOVE salmon and scallops so those are personal favorites and I also throw in some Ahi tuna if I’m feeling adventurous. I ALWAYS order the seasonal vegetables instead of the fries, potatoes or rice that comes with the meal. This makes a HUGE difference. If it’s not on your plate you won’t eat it  – plain and simple. If you are feeling really strong and want to go for it, you can even ask for them to not use butter on your vegetables – it’s a game changer for sure. You can always add some yourself if you want to or just eat the butterless veggies and keep it moving! (I’ve done this at Outback and the broccoli was still really good!)

Now this next tip is something I have tried and every time I do it I am so happy I did. I order my meal with vegetables on the side and then politely ask the server – “Is there any way you could bring out half the meal and box up the other half?”

9 out of 10 times they say yes. Some restaurants like their food to be presented in a certain way and dont like to change it up with halving a meal. In those cases I have the server bring a box out with the meal and I box up half before I start eating.

It helps me from over eating and absentmindedly cleaning my plate and having to deal with the fullness that hits about 10 minutes later. I promise sometimes it doesn’t look like much food but it’s better to eat half at dinner and then okay an hour or so later have a little something extra and not overeat without thinking about it!

So next time you head out to a date night, birthday dinner or whatever the case my be; whatever you order – ask for the restaurant to box half before you even get the food and I hope you are a happy as I am when after I eat. I’m full and content  with what I had. A little will power goes a long way!

Another major BONUS you get ANOTHER portioned meal for the next day!

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