Just get up and move!

Believe it or not but sitting for the majority of the day could be more harmful than lack of physical activity and exercise! Big time harmful – like increased risk for cancer, harmful!

We all have heard the benefits of exercise – intentional planned movement – it can help build bones and muscles, help with our mental health, body composition, regulate blood sugar and so much more. The recommended amount is 30 minutes. This could even be physical activity like walking around a grocery store or walking from one meeting room to the other at work. Just regular physical movement.

Are you someone who does workout for an hour or two in the morning, then sit down for 8 hours?? Listen up!

According to the American Institute for Cancer Research – what they call an “active couch potato” may be increasing your risks for cancer!

The study basically compares the hours sitting or sedentary time vs physical activity or exercise. And the results – are coming in strong that sedentary lifestyles lead to higher risk indicators for cancer!

While yes the 30 minutes of daily movement is important and has a host of benefits. It may be just as important as the hours you spend seated! Simply walking around the office, to the car and breaking up the long hours sitting can greatly decrease the risks for cancer – so here’s your reminder to get up a move! Even for 10

full article from ACE is found here


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