New Year – New Habits!

The calendar has turned into 2023 and many people across the world are setting goals and resolutions. Which is great but ideas are great but without a plan – they are shit.

My challenge to you:

After you decide on a goal or resolution. Break is down. What steps are you taking to achieve that goal?

A very common goal: Weight loss

Ok – great – how much weight? how are you going to do it? what is the plan?

Try this – I want to lose 15 pounds in 6 months. I have hired a personal trainer on Monday and Wednesday at 5pm. I am going to walk on Tuesday and Thursdays at 1pm during my lunch. I have found 10 recipes that I can prep and fit into my calorie goal. I hired a nutrition coach to help keep me accountable on the nutrition side. I have a fitbit and will hit 8,000 steps a day.

There are ACTIONABLE steps – a map, a plan – you see it. you have set yourself up to win.

Another goal: Sleep for 6-8 hours

Ok – great – how are will you ensure that?

How about – I’m going to start a bedtime routine 60 minutes before I got to bed. I put my phone and computer away. I read take a shower and do my skin care routine. I will do some foam rolling and breath work and then I’ll read 10 pages of my book – brush teeth and lights out. Create a routine and stick to it. Change it if you have too but routines and creating NEW habits will make your life EASIER and AUTOMATED – you dont have to think – you just do.

You dont remind yourself to wake up and brush your teeth – it’s habit. You don’t have to remind yourself to put on your seatbelt, it’s a habit.

Create habits that align with your goals and YOU’LL BE GOLDEN 🙂


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