Weight loss vs Fat loss

This question is tossed around all the time. Often times you here females say they want to lose weight but are scared to lift weights because they fear they will get “too big.”

Females don’t produce the same testosterone levels as men so you can lift and lift but it’s damn near impossible for you to bulk up like a huge bodybuilder. So from now on don’t even allow yourself to think that!

Plain and simple: the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism works in a resting state.

Therefore the more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn in a day at a resting heart rate.

Example: Man A and Man B  weigh 175. Man A has 10% body fat, Man B 30% body fat. Man A has less body fat (more muscle) will burn more calories naturally in a resting state than Man B with more body fat (less muscle). Dont worry about the number on the scale – worry about your body fat and lean muscle mass.

Ok–youre not feeling it… here’s another example

Take a look at this picture:


A pound of muscle is a lot smaller than a pound of fat – even if you aren’t losing “weight” you can (and will) change  your body through gaining muscle!

Focus on FAT LOSS and not weight loss.  You may or may not lose a few pounds,  but gaining lean muscle and losing body fat will definitely result in you liking what you see in the mirror!

Keep your head up 🙆☝and stop looking👀👀 down at the scale!

Look in the mirror and see how your clothes fit :):)💪👊

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