What are you training for?

I’ve grown up working out as a part of my daily routine. I played sports throughout high school and college and any off season my mom was a big reason I would make sure I would go to a run or do a “step” video with her.  It’s just been ingrained in me for as long as I can remember to wake up and work out, then start your day.  Even in high school, I’d wake up and do a 8-minute abs video before getting ready for school.  In college I loved going to the gym and once I started working full time, I made sure to fit in a workout and if I didn’t I could feel the difference in my attitude and mindset. My work had a gym so that was convenient but I could only use after work and personally I enjoy working out first thing in the morning to get it over with.

I started going to Gold’s Gym near my old job. That’s where my love-affair with the gym began. I like to try everything –  running, weight training, yoga, swimming (only with a snorkel because I dont know how to breathe properly), anything and everything I’m down to give it a try. I don’t miss a day.

But seriously I dont miss a day, ever.

Working out first thing in the morning has become such a habit and way of life, I’m addicted. I plan my workouts before hand so when I get there I know exactly what I need to do.

So this all brings me back to my initial question: “what are you training for?”

-No races

-No fitness competitions

-No special event

-No goal weight

-No body fat percentage

The answer is, I work out because I like it. I work out because it makes me feel good. I work out because I dont want to “get back into shape.” I dont want to worry about being in bikini shape, wedding shape or for any special occasion – I can be confident that my daily activity and honest eating habits will keep me looking the way I want.

I want to be around for my kids and grand-kids. It’s apart my lifestyle. So when people say ‘I’ll start Monday,’ ‘I’ll start going to the gym for my New Years resolution,’ that’s great and all but why not start now? The sooner you make working out a habit, the easier it becomes. Plain and simple, if you are unhappy or want to change, do it.

Everyone is different, many people like working towards a goal. Goals really can help, they are motivating and usually tangible  but just cause reach your goal, doesn’t mean you are done. You, then, have to set new goals and new expectations for yourself.

I love fitness and I want to share and spread my passion for healthy living.  I support anyone trying to do something to better themselves whether it’s 3-days a week or 6-days a week, anything will help – and I’m here to help! That’s why when I moved to Texas I got my Personal Training Certification. I want to help and show people it’s not hard to fit fitness into your life – just have to make time for it.

So my answer to “What are you training for?” Simply put “Life.”

Any questions, comments or if you want a personalized workout with videos, pictures and one-on-one consultations email maketimeforfit@gmail.com.


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