Don’t be fast and cheap!

Here’s just a little reminder that food is fuel for your body!  Be kind to your body and fuel it with good nutritious things.  You’ll feel better and over time crave healthier options over something fast and cheap.  You are what you eat, right?  So be healthy not fast and cheap :):)


Yes, I do

I got married in July and like most women wanted to make sure everything looked perfect.  I take a lot of pride in my physique because I work and have worked really hard to stay in shape over the years. I played sports in high school and I stay really active in college. It was post college I really began to learn more and more about fitness. The time was right when I moved to Texas to take a personal training course so it was about 5 months after I got my certification I got engaged and about 6 months after that, the big day. My personal motto is if you stay in shape you’ll never need to “get” into shape. I like to keep active so I don’t have to do any crazy diets or 2-a-days to get bikini ready, class reunion ready or in this case wedding ready.

I did want to target certain areas, mainly my arms and back. I’ll post some of my wedding workouts and moves I found most effective!

Check back for wedding workouts plus anything and everything fitness.


Photo: Ian Sbalcio