Hi again!

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve updated this page but I have big plans to bring it back to life!

First let me reintroduce myself! My is Jessica Armstrong. I’m 33 years old with 2 kids, Apollo and Theo, who are 3 and 1 years old respectively. My husband, Anthony, and the boys live about 40 miles north of Dallas, Texas in McKinney. Anthony and I are both personal trainers and love to help others.

Everyone is busy and we certainly are in that same category. In addition to our personal training schedule we have others jobs. I work for Fox Sports Southwest as a producer covering the Dallas Mavericks and Anthony is a Real Estate Agent.

The reason behind MAKETIMEFORFIT is just as simple as it sounds. Make time for IT. We believe your health is your wealth. In this current state of Covid19, it’s certainly ringing true even louder than before!

Workouts don’t have to take 2 hours at a gym. Or be something you don’t like to do. You don’t like running, even dread it? Then don’t do it. Fitness is fun and should be enjoyable! Yes it can be uncomfortable at times pushing yourself to get stronger or faster but big picture, WE ALL NEED IT.

So thanks for following along. Hopefully we can be a resource for you in the fitness world and inspire you to make your health a priority and a part of your everyday life.

Day 2 #MTFFplank challenge – Low Plank

Day 2 of #MTFFplank challenge is the low plank. Just like the high plank keep your weight spread out evenly.  Keep forearms parallel, body in a straight line and neck neutral. The low plank is more challenging because it recruits more of your core muscles to do the work.
Can you do a low plank for 60 seconds?  Challenge friend and get #augustabs together!


Start today! Email maketimforfit@gmail.com for your personalized workout program!

How is your New Year’s resolution going?

So it’s February 1st.
Shockingly if you look at this graph from Frobes.com you’ll see more than 36% of those with New Year’s resolutions have already given up!


Are you one of those people in the 36%? I’m not here to patronize just here to remind you that, there’s still time.
 It doesn’t have to be December 31st for you to set new goals.  That’s all a resolution is really, just a goal. 

Here are some ways to get back to achieving your goals!

Be Specific
Setting a big picture goal is great but having multiple big goals can be a daunting task. 

♢Instead of “I want to lose weight” try “I’m going to cut out fast food and candy.”

♢Instead of “I want to read more” try “I’m going to read this book in February,  this book in March.”

Narrowing down your goals makes them manageable.

Be Positive
Often times when we fail we are over come with guilt and fear that we aren’t good enough. Stop beating yourself up so much! Not sure where I hear it or read this quote but I wholehearted agree with it!

One positive thought in the morning can change your whole day

Many things that cause us pain, stress and anxiety in life are simply based on our reaction to them. It’s not the end of the world if you make a mistake – it’s how you deal with that mistake that makes all the difference.

Keep your head up and keep working to your resolutions – Happy February 1st!