My thoughts on Maria Menounos’ Weight Loss Tips

In an article with PopSugar Fitness, Maria Menounos, who has lost 40 pounds and kept it off, offers her 5 weight loss tips.

I thought I’d offer additional support to her tips.

  1. Start with breakfast
    Yes! I couldn’t agree more. Breakfast really gets your body fueled for the day, wakes up your organs and metabolism for the rest of the day.
    Breakfast ideas: Oatmeal, smoothie, bowl of fruit, or eggs.
  2. Just move –
    Yes! If you work in an office – try to get up at least once every hour and take a quick lap around the office, walk to your car and back anything to just get your legs moving. If you can walk during your lunch break that is a great way to stay loose and will help you re-focus when you are back at your desk. Your brain likes exercise – 10 minutes of walking – not only gives you a break from work but will help you once you are back at it!
  3. Drink hot water –
    Hot or cold just drink drink drink! Water has so many benefits. So no matter how you drink it, lemon, mint, hot cold, just drink up!
  4. Stock the good, drop the bad:
    Very true! If you only bring good foods in you only have good foods to eat. Leave the chips, oreos and pre-packaged food at the store. When I’m shopping I like to think ‘How long will this last?’ Most healthy vegetables, fruits, meats do not have a long shelf life. If your food has an expiration date three years from now, it’s best to not get it and opt for fresh items. (Frozen fruit and vegetables don’t count – they are great source of nutrition with a long FREEZER shelf life)
  5. Don’t eat late:
    This is a tough one. The goal is to not eat late yes but sometimes it’s unavailable. If you do have to eat something – opt for a protein not a sweet even fruit. Dessert many people’s late night snack of choice – unfortunately sugar is terrible for you, especially late at night.  Try Greek yogurt or cottage cheese before bed.  These foods have casein protein in them which is a slow-digesting protein, usually between 6-8 hours. The same time frame is typically a person’s sleep cycle so it serves as a slow drip of protein that is absorbed over those 6-8 hours. This is why many people choose whey protein for post workout recovery because it absorbs much quicker. Protein helps with muscle breakdown and, best part, you don’t have to go to bed hungry!

Hope these tips help! Do you have any other tips you like to follow? Leave it in a comment!

Here’s the link to the full article: